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A Breakdown of the Draft Of "Green"

If you're new to the program, we do a draft to end every episode. We've done a draft of a bunch of random topics from "Worst Thing A Friend Can Ask You to Do", Underrated Things, Comebacks, Hanks and even just a Balls draft. Here's the deal with these drafts. PJ cheats. We've done probably about 20 drafts and he has about 17 wins. PJ has a groupchat where he sends his weekly text to all his New Jersey pork-roll eating fucks. They muddy the polls every single week. That being said, here's the currently leader board voted on by you! (well.. our Twitter followers at least)


PJ: 17 wins*

Pat: 2 wins

Bryan: 1 win

* = Tainted Wins

Yes. I have one. I won the draft of Overrated Things. Here's a quick video recap of my winning draft... I stand by these picks to this very day.

Anyway, let's breakdown everyone's picks from this weeks Green Draft. Let's start with the one and only Producer Pat.

His first pick is a great pick. I can't lie, that cut scene to the grass at the start of every episode of Hard Knocks gets me every time. The cute but deadly combo of Yoshi & Bulbasaur to fill out the middle is extremely strong. Yoshi is somehow underrated in every single Mario game. Pat then goes back to his Irish heritage with a classic St. Paddy's Day Budlight. In my opinion, Pat didn't take too many risks this draft, he was thoughtful and creative. The only thing that could prevent Pat from winning is the throw away pick on Broccoli at the buzzer. When Pat takes time to prepare his drafts in advance he's a force to be reckoned with. The problem for Pat is he's only fully prepared for two drafts ever.

On to Bryan's Draft...

Look, I'm fully capable of looking at my own drafts without my rose colored glasses on. This ladies and gentlemen is not a great draft. I'm still learning what makes the voters tick. Green Monster is a great pick, we're a baseball podcast folks and that wall is huge and fucking green. Second pick, the actual putting green. This seemed like a great pick in the moment, but I think this pick will be the reason I'm on the outside looking in this week. Shrek is simply the greatest animated green character ever. Taking Oogie Boogie and Green Tree Python over Kermit the Frog, Guacamole and Gumby probably will make this draft finish last. Bryan's (myself) second win will most likely be another week.

Lastly, the Draft Master PJ* Draft....

* = muddies the polls

PJ consistently takes a safe pick every week with his first pick. No flare, just wants to get points on the board. Money was a boring pick, yet when you're thinking green it's hard to not think of cold hard cash. I think he should've worded it as Cash instead of Money. Mike Wazowski is a great late round pick, I'm talking fourth or lower. A Mike Wazowski in the second round? As Tony Romo would say, "I don't know about that one Jim". Paddy's Pub is a creative pick, does it fully match the concept of Green though? Not really. However, PJ usually picks a Simpsons or WWE pick as his "creative" pick so it was nice to see a change. Oh wait, just fucking kidding everyone, because his very next pick was the Simpsons street address. PJ's obsession with this strange yellow family is finally starting to cost him some wins* (* = all his wins are tainted anyway). Budlight Limes are delicious. I have nothing but positive things to say on that last pick.

Projected Winner based off of this breakdown?


Overall, a solid performance for Pat here. A win in the Green Draft would give him wins in back to back weeks. Pat is heating up just in time for the season to start.

If you want to vote on our drafts make sure you're following @ScootBigManPod on Twitter & Instagram! #LGM

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