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How Loud Should You Boo Francisco Lindor?

Great question, you shouldn't.

The 27 year old shortstop is off to a sluggish start to his Mets career to say the least. Here are the facts, Francisco is hitting a mire .185 batting average with a .294 on base percentage. Francisco has had two separate hitless droughts of at least 0-16, his worst of the year was a 0-26 streak. If the Mets are going to be playing October Baseball this year they're going to need Lindor clicking on all cylinders. The Mets have 17 players currently on the Injured List, including 7 of their 9 Opening Day Starters. Surprisingly enough, the Mets have been able to stay afloat in the month of May (15-9 record). But with this many players out for a few weeks, the Mets need their $341 Million Dollar man to carry the load. That is not an unrealistic expectation for a player of Lindor's talent. We can't really put our faith in playing guys like Maybin, Mazeika, Tovar, Drury, McKinney. Lee and Fargas. Mets fans, you might not know this, but this is the type of player we acquired this offseason:

Career .281 hitter

Over 100 career steals

4x All Star

2x Gold Glover

2x Sliver Slugger

3x Top 10 Finishes for AL MVP

Runner up AL Rookie of the Year in 2015

Best Smile in the entire league.

Obviously, Mets fans had high expectations going into the season. Adding and locking up a superstar shortstop helped raise those expectations. We wanted Lindor to come to Flushing and set the world on fire and that hasn't happened. My standpoint on booing Lindor for under performing though has not changed.. Under no circumstance should you boo Francisco Lindor. We are not Yankees Fans. This is the first star from outside the organization that has decided they wanted to be a Met for life. How do we react to the first player this new regime has locked up long term? WE BOO HIM! Like big dumb idiots. If you went to Citi Field, paid money for your ticket, parking, and food to just sit in your chair and boo Lindor, you need to be loaded into a cannon and shot into the Long Island Sound. Like come on now, lets not act like Lindor signed with the holy grail of franchises. He signed with the New York Mets. A perennial loser with a cheap piece of shit owner over the past 20 years. He took a chance on the Mets, the new ownership and Mets fans. Like it or not, this is a marriage my friends. We are "stuck" with Lindor for the next 10 seasons. Why on earth would you start off the first two months of a 11 year commitment with boo birds. We should be encouraging and welcoming. You are allowed to be upset and frustrated with his performance. I promise, Lindor is a special player. This is a special Mets team. Everyone booing is going to look really stupid in the Championship DVD.

Keep the faith and LFGM Baby!

Here, watch these defensive gems our star shortstop has been making to make yourself feel better

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