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A New Era

As Mets fans, we are conditioned to believe that when the slightest thing goes wrong it’s the end of the world. Whether that be an injury or an acquisition that seems bad or a player is on a cold streak, the thought that goes through every Mets fans head is “That’s it seasons over, same old Mets, LOLMets again”. To those of you who still think that way, I am here to tell you to stop right now because these aren’t the same old Mets anymore. This is no longer a team owned by the Wilpons, this is no longer a team with an agent as its GM, this is no longer a team that has to penny pinch every step of the way at the cost of putting a good product on the field. This is now a team with an owner who is a lifelong fan and happens to be worth 14 BILLION DOLLARS, this is now a team that has the freedom and support to put together a team with long term success, this is now a team that guys want to play for. Marcus Stroman alluded to Steve Cohen and the new culture of the Mets as a reason why he accepted his qualifying offer. They went out and acquired possibly the best available player of the offseason in Francisco Lindor for next to nothing. They went out and added to an already good core of players while also loading up on actual depth pieces instead of relying on guys who should never sniff the major leagues. These things didn’t happen in old Mets offseasons. In previous years, the Mets would make the first signing of the offseason and then punt on the rest of the winter and maybe add a starter who is five years past his prime. So, if your one of those fans who sees this offseason and all the positive stuff this new regime has done and still finds a way to say “This is the same old LOLMets”, get out of my face because you are clearly not paying attention to the New Era of Mets baseball that is unfolding.

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