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Lindor Extension Roller Coaster

The main talking point of the offseason for the Mets after they traded for Francisco Lindor was, what is the possible extension going to look like? Most people, including myself, figured it would be in the 10 year $300 million range. Well, seems like the Mets thought the same as late Monday night, reports came out that the Mets made their “Best and Final offer” to Lindor at 10 years $325 million. Lindor has apparently rejected this offer and countered with 12 years $385 million.

This deal would make him the 2nd highest paid player in the league behind Mike Trout. At first, that seems like a ridiculous counter and to some, a massive overpay. But when you look more closely, its not that insane. The Mets offer would be giving Lindor an AAV of $32.5 million where Lindors counter would actually be a little less at an AAV of slightly over $32 million. So, it all comes down to Lindor wanting the extra 2 years of security to stay in Queens till his age 40 season. Personally, I am in the camp of give him whatever he wants. You don’t give a guy a 10 or 12 year contract if you’re worrying about what he will do in those last seasons, you sign him to win now. You don’t want this looming over your heads all season with Conforto, Syndergaard and Stroman extensions also needing to get done. Lindor is a true superstar and a top 15 player in the league and those are guys that you have to pay up for. But, while I think the Mets should match the counter offer, I think the take that the Mets are “cheeping out” is unfair. Does Steve Cohen have the money to give Lindor what he wants? Yes, he probably uses that type of money as toilet paper. But that doesn’t make the offer they gave him something to scoff at, this doesn’t make the offer become a “we tried” type of offer, that’s still a very real and reasonable offer. At the end of the day, it’s not my money so I can say to spend it however I want to spend it but that doesn’t mean shit because Cohen, Alderson and the front office will do whatever they feel is the right move for the organization and the future of the team. In the end, I do think a deal gets done where the meet somewhere in the middle at an 11 year $350 million deal however, I will not be mad at Francisco Lindor if he declines this offer because it will be just a guy betting on himself and wanting to get what he believes he’s worth and I will not get mad at the Mets because they proposed a real serious offer. My only hope is that if they do not get a deal done, it doesn’t do anything to negatively affect the 2021 Mets season.

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