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Mets Madness Final Four!

We started Mets Madness in honor of NCAA March Madness this year. PJ & myself picked out over 50 moments throughout Mets history. We then debated with each other and my father, shout out Bill, to pick out the Top 32 Mets Moments. This wasn't easy. We tried hard to avoid double dipping, we didn't want too many moments by the same players. Overall, I think we did pretty well. Looking back at it, I wish we had a Jacob deGrom and a Doc Gooden moment in there. We kept every moment a positive one. The days of being a sad angry Mets fan are gone. We only look back at our history with pride. This franchise is transforming before our eyes. Look back fondly Mets Fans.

We broke down our regions by the subsections of Queens..

Ps. Pat knocked this graphics out of this world. Good lord Lavin. Best in the biz.

We had some upsets early on into the bracket. Trading for Cespedes turned out to be a Cinderella story for the first two rounds. Terry Collin's ass in the jackpot rant beat out Bobby Valentines disguise. Personally, I thought Harvey starting in the Allstar Game at Citi Field should've beaten out Seaver "almost" throwing a perfect game. In the end the favorites reigned supreme. This had led us to the Final Four. Who's left but our big boys, Cohen saving the franchise from the Wilpons. Winning the 86 World Series. The only No-Hitter in New York Mets History. Mike Piazza hitting a go ahead homer in the first game played in New York after September 11th 2001. I feel like the 86 Worlds Series win is on a collision course to face off against Steve Cohen buying the Mets. We're setting up for Old School Mets Fans vs New School Mets fans.

Voting starts tomorrow. Let's get it started!

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