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WE GOT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Mets and Francisco Lindor have reached an agreement on an extension for 10 years $341 million making him the 3rd highest paid player in MLB history behind Mike Trout and Mookie Betts. This is a historic day for the Mets, when everything started to look grim and it seemed like our worst fears were about to become a reality, they got the deal done in the 11th hour. Everyone kept saying “Same Old Mets” and “Cohen is just like the Wilpons”, Oh how wrong those people were because when it came down to it, they got the deal done. And it is not a bad deal either, slightly more total and AAV, about $34 million instead of $32 million, than the original offer but they avoid giving the extra two years that Lindor countered with. Also, I love the pettiness in this contract to get $1 million more than Tatis got to be the highest paid shortstop in the league. All in all, this was a move that had to be made to 1) Not completely divide the fan base and 2) Lock up a player who is vital to the current and future success of this team. Now all we have to do is focus on baseball and not have to fear for our lives that our superstar will only be here for a year (yes I know we have to worry about the Conforto, Thor and Stroman extensions but just shut up about that for now). Get used to seeing Francisco Lindors smile, because it will be around for another 10 year.

P.S. We dropped an emergency podcast discussing our instant reactions to the deal here.

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